[E2REC-008] DIODE BRIDGE#2 - RXMODE meets SIGMA_ALGEBRA || June 1, 2018

DBP is a collaborative project between 2 artists, who each contribute one of their tracks, and a remix of the other artist's track, giving us a 4 track EP.
It is the essence of the styles and sounds of both artists, as well as a Gestalt construct of both, through the remixes, in a unique sound which is the product of their musical collaboration.
After the success of the first Diode Bridge release: 'Diode Bridge #1: Amper Clap meets RobyrtHecht', the second release is even more promising.
Diode Bridge #2 sees Spanish producer Sigma_Algebra team up with Dutch electro sensation RXmode, to deliver a thundering progressive electro release with exquisite IDM influences.
'Below' is a track forged in the depths of RXmode’s studio. RXmode is the alias of Dutch producer Ronald Hustinx, who burst onto the scene with his Bass Agenda Recordings release 'Red Cards' in 2015, giving new meaning to progressive electro. 
His overwhelming sound has really taken shape over the 'Transhumanism' releases that followed, and now he joins the Elektrodos family with this banger. 
His rework of the Sigma_Algebra track 'Fuzzy Sets' is 8 minutes of dark, brooding and driving electro, a perfect blend of both artists’ styles.
Sigma_Algebra is the Spanish DJ and producer Eduard Jiménez, aka djdg!, a DJ since the 90s. 
His Sigma_Algebra moniker starts in 2012, when he really gets into producing electro and idm tracks. Since then, he’s released EPs on Japanese imprint Anti Gravity Device and on Italian Digital Distortions. 
On this release, Sigma_Algebra brings 'Below' into the realm of IDM inspired electro, with finicky blips and bleeps over a crisp beat that gives new structure to the rich pads and ambience of the original track. 
His own 'Fuzzy Sets' features a dry beat, tiny artifacts and rich atmospheric pads, which progressively grow ever more complex in a truly Sigma_Algebra intelligent dance electro fusion style. 
This is 'Diode Bridge #2: RXmode meets Sigma_Algebra', this is symbiosis, this is Electro with capital E. Out on Elektrodos Recordings on June 1 st.